Leaders upset over councilman disclosing possible airport project

Leaders upset over councilman disclosing possible airport project

GREENVILLE, PITT COUNTY - Greenville Councilman Calvin Mercer (District 4) revealed in a newsletter that Pitt-Greenville Airport might acquire a new major airline. But fellow city leaders said Mercer should not have released the information.

Councilman-At-Large Dennis Mitchell said the project is in the early stages, and that Mercer released the information prematurely. Mitchell said this leaves the Greenville City Council in an uncomfortable spot.

"It was shocking to see that information revealed, because it's very sensitive information that hasn't been released yet to the public," Mitchell said.

Mayor Pro Tem Rose Glover said she was in the economic development meeting where Mercer specifically asked if the airport information was confidential. Glover said both the assistant city manager and the city attorney told Mercer it was confidential.

But Mercer said he received emails from Airport Executive Director Jerry Vickers, telling him that the bid for a second airline is public information.

In an email Vickers sent out to those involved, he wrote about an elected official who asked him about Pitt-Greenville Airport. He said his response to the official also included a request for confidentiality, which he believed was breached.

The back-and-forth between the council members has gone so far that Mitchell accused Mercer of being like a "rooster taking credit for the sunrise."

Mercer plans to run for Mitchell's position in the upcoming election.

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