Lawsuit filed in case of girl killed in head-on crash

Lawsuit filed in case of girl killed in head-on crash (Reporter: Jon Erickson)

CRAVEN COUNTY - The father of a 6-year-old girl killed in a head-on crash has filed a lawsuit saying four people, including the girl's mother, exhibited negligence that led to the girl's death.

Alan Garris' lawyers filed the suit this week on behalf of Alanna Garris' estate.

Alanna was killed in February in the wreck on Brices Creek Road, outside New Bern.

Alanna's mother, Amber Sandvig, has been charged with DWI and felony death by vehicle in the case.

Alan Garris' suit claims negligence on behalf of Amber, as well as her father, mother, and doctor.

Michael Sandvig, the father, is accused of being negligent in the form of not supervising Amber's prescription intake of narcotic pain killers, as he pledged to do.

Merrie Ann Mobley, the mother, was allegedly negligent by allowing her daughter, whom she knew had an oxycodone problem, to drive her vehicle.

Dr. Sanjay Kumar's alleged negligence came in the form of prescribing Amber more oxycodone when he knew she was abusing the drug.

The defendants NewsChannel 12 was able to reach declined to comment.

Alan Garris' lawyer also declined comment.

According to North Carolina law, proceeds of a minor's estate go to the minor's parents.

In other words, unless Alanna had a will prepared for her before her death, any money awarded in the suit would go to Alan Garris and Amber Sandvig, pending a judge's review.

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