Law Enforcement Recover Boat That Sank 32 Feet Deep

Boat Removed 32 Feet Underwater After Accident

A boat that sank 32 feet underwater after an accident Tuesday night is recovered by local captains and law enforcement. 

Officials from the Bertie County Sheriff's Department, NC Wildlife Commission and Tow Boat US spent three hours reeling in the boat that sank about 5 p.m. Tuesday on the Cashie River.

Eight people, including children, were aboard two boats when witnesses say they collided on the river. Five people had broken bones. One man remains in critical condition.

Will Cobb, who rescued the family, said he was operating the only other boat on the water that night.

"We got around a couple curves, and it kinda looked like a bomb exploded. People everywhere, boat parts everywhere," Cobb said. "By the time we got everybody in the boat the whole boat had already sunk. I had a line tied to it trying to save it, but we had to cut that because it was pulling my boat backwards."

Cobb said he has spoken to the family by phone several times.

Several crews responded to the accident: Bertie Rescue Squad, Martin County EMS, White Oak Medical Transport, Windsor Fire Department, Bertie County Sheriff's Department and NC Wildlife Law Enforcement.

NC Wildlife officer Rodney Jack said the case is still under investigation. No charges have been filed.

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