Law enforcement officers conduct active shooter training

Law enforcement officers conduct active shooter training

HOLLY RIDGE, ONSLOW COUNTY - Ten months ago Monday, tragedy struck a school, and many parents' hearts.

"We live in a vulnerable society," said parent Jason Bridges. "It's definitely an eye-opening experience."

The Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre that left 20 children and six staff members dead is something Bridges never wants Onslow County to face.

"You obviously worry about your kids no matter what they're doing, where you go," Bridges said. "School shouldn't be a place where you have to worry about your safety. Unfortunately, these days, you have to."

Major Shawn George with the Sheriff's Office went to Dixon Middle School with other local law enforcement and emergency response agencies to make sure if anything like that ever happened here, they'd know what to do.

"We have agencies throughout the county that have come together in a real-live scenario where we can train with each other," George said. "Hopefully, nothing will ever happen in Onslow County. But you've got to train to be prepared."

Crews also had a mobile command center where they could see the school's surveillance that would help guide law enforcement. It's training like this that gives many parents peace of mind.

"We're training because we need to do it," George said. "We need to make sure our children are safe. That's what a parent wants. I'm a parent. I know it. That's what we as law enforcement wants."

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