Law enforcement educates community about meth, gangs and internet scams

Law enforcement educates community about meth, gangs and internet scams

JACKSONVILLE, ONSLOW COUNTY - In Onslow County it's issues such as meth labs, gangs and internet scams officers want the community to be aware of. Jacksonville Police and Onslow County deputies shared some warning signs at an open forum Wednesday night.

It's all part of the Jacksonville-Onslow Chamber of Commerce's forum called "Today's Threats to Society."

Concerned citizens gathered at Jacksonville City Hall to learn more about current threats law enforcement says can happen right in your back yard.

"If you have the understanding of what goes into a meth lab, how meth labs are run, then you're able to maybe take a look out of your back window and you see your neighbor has a pile of Sudafed, well that's a clue," Deputy Chief Patrick Traitor of the Jacksonville Police Department said.

Sgt. Jordan Shepler said, as the substance abuse control officer for this unit, he needs to stay informed.

"Get more information on what's going on in society to help inform Marines in my unit, so that we can help the communities around us," he said.

Grover Lewis III said he is a retired Marine who recently moved to Jacksonville. He said he wants to do his part by keeping his community safe.

"I just wanted to be more informed about what's the signs or what might be going on in my community," Lewis said.

Investigators said, in Onslow County alone, there have been 36 meth labs busted this year. That's a major jump from only three meth labs in 2011 and 11 in 2012.

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