Larceny commercials promote awareness on ECU campus

Larceny commercials bring awareness to ECU campus

GREENVILLE - ECU police have teamed up with the university student affairs department to create commercials that will hopefully deter crime on campus.

Larceny is considered the biggest crime on ECU's campus. In 2011, there were 213 larcenies reported.

Campus police put in a request this summer with the student affairs department to get these commercials made.

The student affairs department then held a casting call for students to participate in the commericals.

They created several common larceny scenarios like not locking your bike up when you go to class or leaving your dorm room unlocked.

Cara Friez, the director and producer of the commericals with the student affairs department at the university said it's important to be aware of your surroundings.

"It's really easy to get comfortable on campus on a student. You know you start making friends and you feel like everywhere is protected but unfortunately it's not always," Friez said.

For students on the go Youtube may be the best place to catch the latest crime prevention video but you can also catch them on one of the many flat screen TV's on campus.

Brittany Scurlock is a sophomore at ECU and believes the information is important.

"I've heard my friends say this has happened to them. People come in their room and stuff is missing but [it's because] they didn't lock the doors," she said.

Freshman Matthew Sides said theft is a problem in his dorm.

"People you know leave your door unlocked and people go in there and take your VCR's or whatever. It's awful," Sides said.

Lieutenant Amy Davis with ECU police said they hope the message is loud and clear.

"We want the campus community to know that no campus is immune to crime and what they need to do to make sure they don't become a victim of crime," Lt. Davis said.

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