Labrador retriever back home after pit bull attack

Dog survives pit bull attack

GREENVILLE, PITT COUNTY - A Labrador retriever that police said was attacked and seriously injured by two pit bulls is back home.

According to Greenville Police, the two pit bulls were attacking the 9-year-old Lab, named Chelsea, in the backyard of the dog's home at the 100 block of Dupont Circle just before 10 a.m. Sunday.

"They wanted to kill Chelsea," said Dr. Linda Kuhn. Kuhn owns East Carolina Veterinary Service, but also lives in the neighborhood where the attack happened and witnessed the last few minutes. "It's a pack mentality. Once they get kind of rolling, you just can't stop them," said Kuhn.

Officer C.J. Conklin responded to the call- he jumped a fence, then shot and killed one of the pit bulls to stop the attack, investigators said.

The chocolate Lab was taken to an emergency clinic for surgery. One of its owners told NewsChannel 12 that the 9-year-old dog got stitches on its neck, nose and ears. In addition, the Lab fractured its canines while defending itself from the pit bulls.

Police said Officer Conklin had to shoot and kill one of the pit bulls in order to save the Lab, and also protect the people who were trying to stop the attack.

The other pit bull ran away, but was later caught and deemed vicious by Animal Control, police said.

Kuhn says it's not the pit bull breed who should be held responsible for the attack. "It wasn't so much they were pit bulls it was a pack mentality. Two dogs going after another dog they hated," she said.

Kuhn also added that making sure your dogs are properly confined, yet social with other dogs, can prevent attacks like this from happening. However, if an attack does occur, she recommends spraying the attacking dog(s) wish water, and grabbing them by their hind legs. She warns not to grab the dog by the neck/head area, for they can mistake you for another dog and attack.

Witnesses say neighbors owned the pit bulls.

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