Labor Day gas prices low, a look back at past prices

Labor Day gas prices low, a look back at past prices

NEW BERN - Gas prices over the Labor Day weekend are the lowest the nation has seen since 2010, according to gas research company GasBuddy.

The nationwide average price for a gallon of gas is $3.45. However, here in North Carolina there are reports of gas prices as low as $3.21. Those low prices are projected to continue through the fall.

Those prices seem low compared to a time when prices of $3.60 are a reality, but think back to a time 10 or more years ago, when prices were under $2.00 a gallon.

In 2001, one gas station near Jacksonville was selling gas for $1.21 a gallon. NewsChannel12 covered the gas prices then, at a time when prices near $1.60 caused outrage.

"I would love to see those kind of prices," said Bert Nye. "I don't think we'll ever see that again. That's a past dream."

Nye was one of many who filled up their vehicles on Labor Day at a gas station on Highway 17 near River Bend. The Shell station was selling a gallon of unleaded fuel for $3.27. That's 18 cents below the national average. For Nye, that price will still put a dent in his wallet.

"I'll probably spend 130, 140 dollars, topping the truck off and the jet ski," Nye said.

"I noticed prices are 10 to 15 cents cheaper than they are at home or in Greenville, kind of use this as a stopping point in between," Ken Raper said. "I always top it off going and always fill it up coming back."

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