Kinston High uses a 3D science approach to learning

Kinston High Students learn in 3D

LENOIR COUNTY - Kinston High School students go above and beyond your traditional way of learning by using 3D. Inside the classroom, Kinston students wear 3D glasses, sit back and watch science come to life.

Joe Romig is the IB biology teacher at Kinston High. He says his students can't get enough of this interactive learning.

"The first class that I used it on, it was just wild.  There was screaming and hollering, students reaching out and trying to grab things," said Romig.   

Elizabeth Broctor is a junior at Kinston High School and says the 3D technology makes it easier for her to learn.

"With this, he can show us like this is what your body looks like or this is what a white blood cell does. He can actually show us rather than tell us like a normal teacher would have to do," said Broctor.

In fall 2011, before the 3D biology classes, eight of 26 students showed academic growth.  Now that number has increased to 24 of 29 students.

"I've had kids that would probably have been at a level two score or a level three. Even had a kid score a perfect EOC score," said Romig

Kinston High also plans to use the 3D technology with chemistry, algebra and geometry classes.

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