King's BBQ Bites Back After Perry's Put-Down

LENOIR COUNTY - People across North Carolina are outraged over a presidential candidate's comments on ENC barbecue, and now the owner of that restaurant offers up his two cents.

"I've had road kill that tasted better," Perry said after eating barbecue from King's Restaurant in Kinston.

The Texas governor made the remarks while hosting a cook-off at the 1992 Republican National Convention in Houston. Perry was the Secretary of Agriculture in Texas at the time.

The owner of King's Restaurant, Wilbur King, was at the 1992 convention and said Perry's remarks were made in jest.

"I do have one problem with his statement," King said. "He has admitted to eating road-kill, and knowing what it tastes like. How can this person possibly judge any food?"

King's Restaurant has been visited by former Vice President Walter Mondale and Martha Stewart. Loyal customers are discussing plans to freeze food from King's and send it to the Perry campaign.

For now, King has one piece of advice for the White House hopeful.

"Hey Gov., if you're going to ask somebody to vote for you, you better not slap them before you ask them," he said.

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