Kids Put Out Small Fires

Camp 911 Teaches Fire Extinguisher Safety

Kids Put Out Small Fires

CARTERET COUNTY - Izaiah Morris never though he would be putting out fires this summer.

"My momma would never let me use a fire extinguisher by myself," said Morris.

But with the instruction of Chief Kevin White of the Indian Beach-Salter Path Fire Department, Izaiah and his friends are learning how to properly use a fire extinguisher.

"You'll pull the pin out. Walk up to the fire. Squeeze the fire extinguisher real quick and make sure it's working," said Chief White.

After you've checked to make sure your fire extinguisher is working, you want to slowly approach the fire and aim at the base of the flame.  In a sweeping motion, squeeze the fire extinguisher.  Once the fire is out, you want to slowly back away, facing the fire.

The fire training can help someone decide to go into fire fighting like Thomas Edwards.

"I like going into intense situations, and I like helping out other people," said Edwards.

Some kids change their minds like Alden Rodzik.

"Now I think I want to do something a little less dangerous," said Rodzik.

Either way learning how to put out small fires just may be enough to save someone's life.

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