Kayaker takes on Intracoastal water way for the Red Cross

Kayaker takes on Intracoastal water way for the Red Cross

Eastern Carolina - One local kayaker is grabbing his gear and taking a solo 12 day trip across the intracoastal water way to raise money for the American Red Cross.

"Larry is combining two loves of his life, one for kayaking and one for the red cross," said Joy Branham, North Carolina Red Cross Chief Executive Officer.

Larry Williamson will navigate 220 miles along the intracoastal waterways of North Carolina with his kayak.  During the trip he will skirt 15 separate counties and hope to raise $14,000. Williamson says each day is different.

"It depends on the waves and the weather really! Probably the first four or five days I hit winds upwards of 20 miles per hour and battled white caps," said Williamson.

Williamson has plenty of equipment to stay safe on his journey. He has a GPS tracking device, a marine radio, extra paddles and flotation gear. He says he hopes his efforts can raise awareness for the Red Cross.

"Every place I have stopped I have heard stories about how the Red Cross has helped people out. Just yesterday I had one family tell me the Red Cross is basically what put their neighborhood back together," said Williamson.

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