Jones County woman loses everything in home fire

Jones County woman loses everything in home fire

TRENTON, JONES COUNTY - A Jones County woman has no place to live, no clothes and no furniture after her home went up in flames Wednesday night.

Rachel Ange has lived in her home at 137 Register Lane for over a decade. Ange, who works at the Maury Correctional Facility, got a call that her home was on fire when she was on the job.

"It hit me hard," Ange said. "I was in shock, when I got here I just ran towards the house."

Ange and her adult son live in the home, but neither of them were home at the time of the fire. Ange said she has five cats-- three of which she has found and two that are still missing.

Investigators say the fire started behind the home, in a building that does not have electricity. Fire officials say the cause of the fire is under investigation.

Five fire crews responded to the scene: Phillips Crossroads Volunteer Fire Department, Comfort Volunteer Fire Department, Trenton Volunteer Fire Department, Wyse Fork Volunteer Fire Department and Cove City Fire Department.

Officials say there were a total of seven trucks on site, and that firefighters had to keep refilling their tanks with water at neighboring water hydrants to battle the flames. Officials say they filled the trucks ten times at two tanks about a mile away.

This past year, Jones County officials approved the addition of more fire hydrants to the area. More fire hydrants would allow for fire crews to have more options in where to fill up tanks in instances like this. A Jones County commissioner says the fiances of the fire hydrants are still being worked out.  

"I lost everything in the house-- groceries, furniture, clothes," Ange said. "When you work hard you just appreciate things so much better, and it's like, what are we going to do now?"

The American Red Cross is assisting Ange's family with a room for one night, but Ange said she doesn't know what she will do after that.

If you are interested in getting in contact with Ange, you can call her at 260-433-0037.

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