Jones County man charged for allegedly beating son with belt

Jones County man charged for allegedly beating son with belt

MAYESVILLE, JONES COUNTY - A Jones County man was arrested Tuesday for allegedly beating his 7-year-old son with a belt.

Zatrick Zantwoin Webber, 28, was taken into custody from his Mayesville home Tuesday afternoon.  He was charged with felony child abuse and assault with a deadly weapon inflicting bodily injuries.

According to investigators, Webber's 7-year-old son suffered bruising on his face, chest, abdomen, legs, back, and extreme bruising on his behind. The boy complained of the beating to his mother, who then took him to Onslow Memorial Hospital on Sunday, March 31, deputies said.

The boy's mother, Dominique Smith, share custody of the child with Webber.

Smith told NewsChannel 12 that she was disturbed when she tried to take off her son's clothes, and they were stuck to his body.

"The skin off his bottom is literally gone," said Smith. "And it's going to take a while for it to heal up. He's emotionally abused for life. I thought this was going to take a toll on his life forever. I couldn't imagine what he felt like when it happened. I'm happy that they got him."

Smith said she asked Webber to talk to their son after the boy was suspended from kindergarten. The child was accused of threatening to rob one student and shoot another in the face.

"I would've never let my son go if I would've known he was going to do this, because he's never done it before," said Smith.

The suspect is a former U.S. Marine, according to investigators.

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