Jacksonville locals beat the heat

Jacksonville locals beat the heat

JACKSONVILLE, ONSLOW COUNTY -  The past few days have been some of the hottest of the year. We checked in with some of those in Jacksonville Thursday who have to work outside in the heat.

"The only way to get through a hot day like today is drink more water," said Roy Dorn, a Jacksonville police officer.

Dorn had to spend the majority of his day in the sun -- in a dark uniform and hot bullet-proof vest. Water was certainly his best friend.

"Unfortunately, [the bullet-proof vests] can be very hot, so we make sure we keep a lot of water on hand," said Randy Nordstrom, a Jacksonville police officer. "If we're out directing traffic, we make sure we get constant breaks."

Pam Brown with the Onslow County Health Department says it's important to recognize the symptoms of dehydration, heat exhaustion or even heat stroke. She says diziness, nausea or weakness are all signs that something is wrong. She says it's important to take frequent breaks and find some air conditioning to avoid any of those illnesses.

"If you're going to be active outside, you have people that are aware of that and are even keeping an eye on each other because you may not notice that your body is entering a new phase," Brown said.

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