Islanders prepare for bridge construction

B. Cameron Langston Bridge to be redone

Emerald Isle - The only bridge to Emerald Isle is going to be redone.

The B. Cameron Langston Bridge on Highway 58 was built in 1971. It's considered structurally deficient and functionally obsolete by the NC Department of Transportation.

While the bridge is still considered safe, people with the DOT think it's time to redo the roadway. Islanders agree.

"It needs repairing, the joints are bad, really bad," Scot Brinkley said. Brinkley commutes everyday across the bridge to work. "It's probably going to be a mess, but it's what you've got to put up with."

Other people who work on the island are on the same page as Brinkley. While the sting of traffic will hurt during the winter months, they're glad the work isn't happening in the peak of tourism.

"Well, I think it's necessary, I'm glad they waited until October to start it," Nancee Allen said. "When we're cut off, it's like the money's not flowing as well as the traffic."

A $2.5 million contract was awarded to Penhall Company to fix the bridge. Work is scheduled to start in mid to late October. Crews will resurface the bridge and replace joints in the road.

The work could last until May 23rd.

The project is one of 18 contracts in N.C. totaling $205.8 million.

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