Isaac Fears Will Cost At The Pump

0828 Isaac Gas Prices video

CRAVEN - Eastern Carolina might have dodged storm, but a new one is brewing at the pump. Isaac's threat to the Gulf has forced many oil and gas platforms to shut down and it's affecting gas prices. According to AAA a 90% of gas in North Carolina comes from the Gulf, which means drivers can anticipate prices going up.

One gas station off Hwy 70 jumped 20 cents to $3.89 a gallon. In Morehead City, we found prices up to $3.95 a gallon. Katherine Gray a clerk at the US Mini Mart in Havelock says the hike could hurt their customers.

"So far we have not gone up on it were hoping to kind of keep it down," said Gray

Stephanie Johnson says thanks to steep prices at the pump, she's been conserving her spending at the pump.

"It sucks, Johnson said. I don't care how much money you have gas is extremely way too high."

Tom Crosby with AAA says this is only the beginning. The longer the storm lingers in the gulf, the more prices will go up.

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