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Elderly old hands

Couple married 73 years dies 5 minutes apart

Heartbreaking or romantic? A Kentucky couple that was married for 73 years died mere minutes apart.


This country fines you for being unemployed

Losing your job comes with an extra sting if you live in Belarus.

Sofia Vergara

Reports: Sofia Vergara's ex sues over embryos

Sofia Vergara's ex-fiancé is reportedly suing for custody of embryos the couple created together at a fertility clinic.

Tiny park

Cops: Boston 'tree ninja' caught

Police in Boston believe they have apprehended a man who has been chopping down newly planted trees in the city's Brighton neighborhood.

Barbie swimsuit issue

Barbie's popularity plunges

There are few plot details about "Toy Story 4" -- which is coming out in 2017. But if Disney and Pixar want the movie to be realistic, they should get rid of…


Crocs help cops catch alleged burglar

Crocs might make for comfortable footwear, but they're not much for covering one's tracks.

Police lights file

Girl beats officer at Rock, Paper, Scissors, avoids ticket

A Texas music festivalgoer was apparently let go from a citation after beating an officer at a game of rock, paper, scissors, according to a Huffington Post…

Pope's iPad

Pope's old iPad sells for $30,500

It seems iPads hold their value pretty well, especially if they have papal connections

Chief Justice John Roberts

Chief Justice Roberts eyed for jury duty

Most Americans often seek ways to avoid jury duty. But one potential juror in Maryland on Wednesday morning had quite the excuse.

Chief Justice John Roberts…

Prom wrist corsage

80-year-old grandpa going to his first prom

An Alabama grandpa is going to his first prom at the age of 80.

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Rock Nominees - Joan Jett and Blackhearts

Joan Jett & the Blackhearts

Meet the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame class of 2015

With the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's induction ceremony set for this weekend, check out who made the cut for the class of 2015.

Deep Purple band photo

Forgotten by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

With the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducting its class of 2015 on Saturday, including Green Day and Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, here are some acts it has overlooked over the years.

Medical marijuana

10 diseases medical marijuana could help treat

Studies have shown medical marijuana can help treat or alleviate ailments associated with certain diseases. Here are 10 of those diseases and a little bit about the medical studies that discovered potential benefits of the drug.


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