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Strong cologne suspect

Strong cologne leads cops to hiding criminal

An Oregon man accused of leading police on a 100 mph chase and then attempting to hide was caught after officers picked up on the strong scent of his cologne.

Michael Whitington mug shot

Bank robbery suspect's happy mug shot going viral

This could be the happiest mug shot ever.

Louisiana restaurant guns

La. restaurant gives discount to gun-toting patrons

Packing heat? You'll get 10 percent off your meal at one Louisiana restaurant.

Bullets, gun magazine

Cops: Man shot at neighbor's home to unload gun

A Pennsylvania man accused of shooting at his neighbor's home says he only did it because he didn't know how to unload his gun.

Car crash water treatment plant

Fleeing car crashes into water treatment plant

A car crashed into an Atlanta water treatment facility Friday morning, causing authorities to block traffic in both directions as they pulled the car out of…


'Che,' Chavez perfumes a no-go in Cuba

The revolution, apparently, will not have its own perfume line.

Fragrances dedicated to leftist guerrilla fighter Ernesto "Che" Guevara and deceased Venezuelan…

The Suitsy

Would you wear the Suitsy?

Remember those comfy “footie pajamas” you wore as a kid? A San Francisco entrepreneur is taking that idea to a whole new level.

Amber Nolan

Woman hitches rides on planes to 46 states

Amber Nolan is stuck. The 30-year-old is in Alaska and she needs to get to the lower 48 -- "or Hawaii." She plans to leave Alaska by plane and it likely won't…

School Bus

School bus driver crashes, goes into labor

A pregnant school bus driver went into labor after hitting a construction truck on a highway in Nevada.

Church pews

Police: Shirtless drunk man took bath in holy water

A man has been arrested after police say he embarked on a drunken rampage in a church during which he destroyed property and bathed in holy water.

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Michael Phelps smiling in pool

Michael Phelps was arrested in Maryland for driving under the influence early Tuesday. Phelps made history at the 2012 London Olympics by becoming the most decorated Olympian ever. Take a look back at the swimmer's life and career.

Michael Phelps: From childhood phenom to record books

Michael Phelps made history at the 2012 Olympics by becoming the most decorated Olympian ever. Take a look back at the swimmer's life and career as he faces DUI charges.

Michael Whitington mug shot

Best of the worst: Mug shot hall of shame

Check out these lookers who ran into the law.

Amanda Bynes July 2013 court appearance

Child stars gone wrong

Amanda Bynes is in trouble with the law again. She's one of many child stars who have found early success a hard act to follow and struggled with the transition to adulthood.


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