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Water Gen atmospheric generator

This machine makes drinking water from thin air

Water. A vital nutrient, yet one that is inaccessible to many worldwide.

Postal worker sentenced for hiding mail

Postal worker jailed for hiding mail

Newman, Jerry Seinfeld's diabolical nemesis and United States postal worker, was denied his dream transfer to Hawaii when the post office discovered he hadn't…

Christina Summitt tip dog surgery

Man leaves $1,000 tip for dog's surgery

Good people, not to mention good tippers, do exist.

Jeffery Chapman murder tattoo

Man wants 'murder' tattoo removed before murder trial

A man who has been charged with first-degree murder has requested that he be allowed to cover up or remove his massive neck tattoo that says "murder" before he…

spinach vegetable leaves

Woman finds bird leg in bagged spinach

An Ohio woman says she's disgusted after finding a bird leg in her Dole bagged spinach.

KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken

Woman serves KFC with a smile for 52 years

A KFC restaurant in Michigan is home one of the franchise's longest-serving employees.

KKK, Ku Klux Klan member

KKK forms neighborhood watch in Pennsylvania

A Ku Klux Klan chapter in Pennsylvania is forming a neighborhood watch group in response to a string of break-ins.

Powdered alcohol Palcohol

Regulator reverses approval of powdered alcohol

A federal agency that had originally approved a new powdered alcohol product reversed its position Monday.

The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau approved…

Richard Blumenthal blurb

Senator nearly hit by train during safety event

A Connecticut senator is nearly hit by a train during a commuter safety press conference.

Miss America Nina Davuluri

Miss America: Don't suspend teen who asked me to prom

Miss America is defending a Pennsylvania teen who was suspended after asking her to prom against school administrators' wishes.

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Best of the worst: Mug shot hall of shame

Check out these lookers who ran into the law.

Attorney lawsuit

Jobs that make the world a worse place

Fast food workers. Telemarketers. Find out who else thinks their job makes the world a worse place.

Lupita Nyong'o

People's 'World's Most Beautiful' list 2014

People magazine recently named Lupita Nyong'o its "World's Most Beautiful" for 2014. See which other ladies earned a coveted spot on the annual list.


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