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Escapee returns to pick up fellow inmates

A 20-year-old man who escaped from a correctional facility in Alaska later returned in an SUV to help other inmates escape.

Beer battered fish mugshot

Beer-battered fish defense fails in Wisconsin

A Wisconsin man who blamed the smell of alcohol on his breath on beer-battered fish has been sentenced to prison on his 10th drunken driving conviction.


Dino lips

Dinosaurs may have had lips, research suggests

The "Jurassic Park" image of a Tyrannosaurus rex baring a mouthful of ferocious teeth may be getting a facelift.

New research suggests that theropods -- those…

Kim Yo-jong

Kim Jong-un to play matchmaker for sister

North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un -- who is also a kindly big brother -- is launching a competition to find a husband for his sister, Kim Yo-jong.

Yo-jong will…


Seagull steals bag of potato chips from coffee shop

A seagull was caught on camera entering a cafe and nonchalantly choosing its favorite bag of potato chips to lift from the store.

Brewer to deliver beer via eagle

A brewery in Canada announced they'll deliver their brand new pilsner by bald eagle, according to New York Magazine.

Spider web generic

Female spiders demand courtship gifts from male suitors

For some spider species, a gift to their spider lady love can mean life or death.

Scientists have long observed spiders' gift-giving rituals. But the spiders'…


Man charged for using counterfeit money to pay stripper

Police say a Michigan man is being charged for using counterfeit $100 bills to pay for a lap dance.

cat looking at camera

Canadian couple weds in front of 1,100 cats

A Canadian couple traveled to California to the largest cage-free, no-kill cat sanctuary in North America to tie the knot, UPI reports.


Naked man rescued from chimney

An Iowa man was rescued after being stuck for eight hours in the chimney of a local business.

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Donald Trump (file)

Protesters, supporters clash at Trump events

As Donald Trump has emerged as the front-runner of the Republican presidential candidates, increasingly violent protests and demonstrations have plagued his campaign events across the country.

Usher, June 2015

Secret celebrity weddings

While some celebrities go all out for their weddings, others slipped away to tie the knot in private. Join us for a look at celebrity marriages that began beyond the prying eyes of the paparazzi.

Mosquito on skin

9 ways to combat mosquitoes naturally

Hate mosquitoes, but hate the chemicals often used to keep them at bay more? Try these natural repellents.


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