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Darth Vader robs Florida store

An armed would-be robber dressed as Darth Vader was arrested shortly after an altercation with a convenience store clerk Sunday night.

Night sky

Weather instrument falls from sky, bomb squad called in

An instrument used by the National Weather Service fell out of the sky in Philadelphia causing the bomb squad to check things out

Legos, Lego contest

Thieves steal $20,000 worth of Legos

Somebody took the rumored Lego shortage this holiday season very seriously.

Winnie-the-Pooh's skull goes on display, reveals sweet tooth

Winnie-the-Pooh's skull goes on display

Fans of the adorable golden bear with an insatiable appetite for honey are in for a dose of reality.

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Kenyan motorists stuck in 3-day, 30-mile traffic jam

Think your evening commute is bad? Try being stuck in traffic for three days.

Eating, food, burger, hamburger, mouth

Study: Men eating more to impress women

Keep calm and eat on.


Gator crashes Fla. students' picnic

An uninvited picnic guest from the reptile kingdom had a sandwich craving, and a group of University of Florida students wasn't about to stand in the way.

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Sheriff writes parking ticket to himself

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke spotted a car illegally parked in a handicap space, so he wrote a ticket.

Pork banh mi sandwich

Police: Man threw sandwich in pizza place

You could call it a food fight fail.


450 'hot' tamales seized at LAX

OK, the tamales might not have been hot, as in stolen, or hot in temperature (maybe lukewarm inside a suitcase?), but they were illegal in the eyes of U.S.…

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Adele 25

Top 10 fastest-selling albums

Adele's "25" has topped the 15-year-old single-week sales record set by *NSYNC's "No Strings Attached," selling 2.43 million copies in a little more than three days. Check out the rest of the top 10 fastest-selling albums in America.


Notable food recalls

Health investigators say a handful of cases of E. coli have been linked back to chicken salad sold at Costco. Here are some other recent food recalls.

Road trip vacation, car on map

Tips for braving stormy holiday travel

AAA estimates that 3.6 million people will be flying this Thanksgiving, and close to 42 million will be on the roads. With all those people traveling, stormy weather could make for huge delays and headaches. Follow these tips from CNN for (hopefully) calm travels this holiday week.


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