Irene Victim Coping One Year Later

Irene Victim Coping One Year Later Video

DEEP RUN - Plenty of people are still coping with the devastation left by Hurricane Irene one year ago.

Portia Strickland is one local resident who is finally recovering after her home was destroyed in Irene's wrath. A year after the storm hit, the Lenoir County is moved into a new home.

"A year ago we were down and out," Strickland said. "As far down and out as I thought we could ever be."

Strickland's roof was destroyed in the storm, leaving her no choice but to leave the home.
"It was a tough sight to see, knowing that everything I had was in there."

Her new home near Deep Run is filled with pictures of her new Granddaughter, Alissa, who was born just after the hurricane.
Strickland said the joy of her granddaughter helped her through the tough times.

"No matter how down you are that baby can make you smile."

But as far as Strickland's come, she knows she does not want to go back to the damage.

"I've been watching the hurricanes on TV," she said. "I don't know that I want to go through another one."

Strickland's home in Deep Run had to be torn down. She and her family did receive help from FEMA, but Strickland said it wasn't nearly enough to replace their damaged belongings.

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