Investigators search for intruders in Onslow County home invasion

Investigators search for intruders in Onslow County home invasion

JACKSONVILLE, ONSLOW COUNTY - Two women, who were victims of a home invasion, are trying to put a scary situation behind them.

Onslow County deputies say around 5:45 p.m. Tuesday, two black men entered a home on Rocky Run Road. The men were masked and held the victims at gunpoint, said authorities. The thieves then ransacked the residence, taking several items said Onslow County Deputies.

The two adult women were forced into a room and tied up with a cable cord the intruders found inside the home, a family member said. The break-in lasted for about 15 minutes, where the thieves stole a television, tablet, prescription medicine and several other items, a family member said.

One of the victims said the intruders hit her with the gun, leaving a bruise on her forehead, a family member told us.

The victims were able to run to a neighbors home and call 911, after the intruders left.

We spoke with neighbors along the street who say this is alarming. However, the majority of the neighbors expressed they felt the invasion was not random, but targeted.

"I hope that it ends okay with the family that was assaulted, but for the people who went into the house, and did all of this, maybe they will get caught very soon," one neighbor said.

If you have any information, Onslow County Deputies ask that you contact Detective Sergeant Watkins, Lieutenant Mark Scott or Major Jon Lewis at the Sheriff's Office, or Crime Stoppers.

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