Investigators: Major multi-state theft ring arrests

1020 theft ring vid

CRAVEN COUNTY - Three men wanted by the US Secret Service are facing charges after they manufactured checks in a stolen van and bought fake items in several different states, Craven County Sheriff Investigators said.

Their charges come after investigators said Friday, three men, Kenneth Seaman Wright II, Keith Michael Ray, and Uriah A. Setzer attempted to purchase a boat in New Bern using a fake $150,000 check. Employees at Neptune Yacht Sales and Fairfield Harbor tipped off authorities to the alleged fraud. The three men were located at Northwest Creek Marina inside the van and taken into custody without incident.

Authorities said the men are wanted for similar crimes in Texas, Indiana, Kentucky, and North Carolina. They are each in the Craven County Jail, each under $1,000,000 bond.

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