Investigators: Deputy fired after hitting deer at 117 MPH

Deputy fired after hitting deer

COVE CITY, CRAVEN COUNTY - Craven County investigators said a no tolerance policy on speeding has led to the firing of one of their deputies.

Overnight Monday, deputies said Andrew Callaway, 41, was responding to a call when he hit a deer.  The incident happened on Trenton Road just outside of Cove City, according to state troopers.

Callaway's speed at the time of the crash was 117 mph, according to the crash report. The patrol car has an estimated $7,500 in damages. Callaway was not injured in the incident.

An internal investigation began after the incident.  Callaway's termination was effective Wednesday, according to deputies.

Captain Joe Heckman with the Craven County Sheriff's Office said there is a no tolerance policy in the department for driving at such a high speed. "Anybody that responds to an emergency call will tell you that the adrenaline gets to rolling and excessive speed is just so dangerous and not tolerated," said Heckman.

The no tolerance policy in the department came after a crash involving another Craven County deputy in 2011. 

In June of that year, Bradley Taber hit a van on Highway 70, killing the driver, Millie Worley.  It was determined at the time that the now-former deputy was driving at approximately 100 mph when he hit Worley's van.  Taber was not responding to a call at the time and had no lights or sirens on, according to troopers.  Taber pleaded guilty to charges in the crash.

"You have to respond knowing that there are other elements out there that can cause things to change quickly - being it a deer, a vehicle, all kinds of things," said Heckman.

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