Investigator: Man Starts Building Fire on Girlfriend's Property

PAMLICO COUNTY - A man is accused of setting fire to a building on his girlfriend's property in Pamlico County.

Authorities arrested 22-year-old Samuel Tyler Potter early Tuesday morning, three hours after a storage building on his girlfriend's property was destroyed by a fire.

Fire crews were dispatched shortly after midnight Monday night (Tuesday morning) to the fire on the 700 block of N. Hwy. 306 near Grantsboro.

The only sign now that the building was there is a charred perimeter around what was the shed.

Potter started the fire with kerosene, a neighbor said.

The building is steps from the home Potter shares with his girlfriend, a neighbor said.

Potter is charged with burning other buildings; had his target been a home he'd be charged with arson, an investigator said.

The suspect is out on $5,000 bond and could not be reached for comment.

No one was hurt.

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