Investigating Officer in Marine deserter case preparing report

JACKSONVILLE, ONSLOW COUNTY - The Marine Corps is moving forward with a highly publicized court case involving a Corporal accused of desertion.

Wassef Ali Hassoun is accused of deserting the Marine Corps in June 2004 while stationed at Camp Fallujah, Iraq.

He's also accused of desertion in January 2005 when he failed to return to Camp Lejeune from leave.

Last week a court hearing was held at Camp Lejeune where an Investigating Officer weighed and evaluated the evidence in this case.

A spokeswoman for Camp Lejeune followed up with us in an email saying the Investigating Officer is preparing a report to determine which legal route to take in Hassoun's case.

At last week's hearing the Investigating Officer said any objections should be sent to him by yesterday.

The defense also had to meet this deadline to translate Lebanese documents relating to Hassoun's legal and immigration issues while in Lebanon for 9 years.

The Investigating Officer will now prepare his report that could determine if Hassoun will be court martialed, face a non judicial punishment, or administrative separation.

There is no word on when that report will be finished.

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