Inspirational 6-year-old walks race without a walker

Inspirational 6-year-old runs race without a walker

NEW BERN, CRAVEN COUNTY - Wesley Roebuck is a six year old from New Bern with cerebral palsy.  Just this past weekend, Wesley's "can-do" attitude helped him walk over one mile - without any help.

"He walked way, way, way more than we expected, pretty much the primary part of it all by himself without holding anybody's hand, so he did awesome," says Maria McMahon, whom Wesley is staying with while his dad is deployed overseas.

Teachers at Trent Park Elementary say they have noticed his progress and now watch him play soccer with his classmates at recess.

"When he started at Trent Park, he was using his walker to go everywhere, and now he only needs it to go to the cafeteria," says Rebecca Sanchez, Wesley's kindergarten teacher at Trent Park Elementary.

Wesley was chosen to give the opening speech at the Glow Run in New Bern Saturday night. He also helped hand out the awards at the end of the race. All the proceeds from Glow Run benefit Easter Seals UCP, a non-profit that helps people with disabilities and their families.

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