Injured Teen Wrestler Uses iPad For School

PITT COUNTY - Hugo Rubirosa, 17, is using skype to communicate with his teachers and classmates during school.

Due to the limited mobility in his hands he has to use a special pen to touch the screen.

"I can't actually direct [my fingers] to do anything," Rubirosa said.

Hugo said seeing them on skype makes him feel like he's really in school.

"The other day my teacher had me reading a book in class. We had different parts to read because it was a play," Rubirosa said.

The Jacksonville High School student was hurt in a wrestling match back in January.

He remembers what happened that day.

"When we hit the ground I just kinda laid there. I couldn't move. I could only feel my neck and my head," Rubirosa said.

Rubirosa was brought to Vidant Medical Center because his injuries were so severe.

Now three months later, Hugo said he is coming along with his recovery.

"Things are going pretty good. I have therapy every day and they do various things with me to strengthen my arms, trying to get my sitting balance straight. They basically try to work the muscles that aren't working. They are trying to make them stronger and try to make them do something," Rubirosa said.

His mom, Maria Rodriguez said it was hard when the doctor gave her the news.

"He told me straight up Hugo only had a 5 percent chance of living. I passed out. I felt a lot of pain in my heart," Rodriguez said.

Hugo knows he has a long road ahead.

"I don't find this as a reason to stop. Everything you do you just have to go hard," Rubirosa said. . He said he is a fighter and he won't quit until he is able to walk again.

He is expected to leave the rehabilitation center April 5.

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