Independence Day Homecoming For Military Families

MCAS CHERRY POINT - The red, white and blues signify America, and on this Fourth of July, they are the colors of home.   Forty-three Marines form the Aerial Refueler Transport Squadron 252 got to come back to America on the nation's Independence Day.

Brenda Baker and her husband traveled all the way from Indiana to meet their son.

"It's overwhelming joy and your heart's ready to bust.  It's like a countdown to New Year's Eve" said Baker.

With them is their son's girlfriend, Shea Owens, who is four months pregnant.  They told their Marine that they would not be able to make the homecoming.

"We've talked a little bit.  He's been a little bit bummed out, but he's been telling and reassuring me not to worry," said Owens.

It was part of a surprise.  They all stand on the tarmac in the heat waiting for the planes to unload their special cargo.

"I want to just grab him. I'm so excited.  I can't wait for him to come back," said Owens.

The Fourth of July is not the main reason the troops came home.  They finished their missions, and it just so happened they returned home on Independence Day.

"With him being a Marine and coming back on the 4th, it's extra special," said Baker.

As Owens ran to Lance Corporal Chris Baker, they embraced.  There was a surprise for Owens.  LCpl Baker brought back pink clothes for his unborn baby girl.

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