In ENC, Lifeguards Will Save Anyone In Water

Lifeguard Patrols Video

ATLANTIC BEACH, NC - After a Florida lifeguard is fired for saving a distressed swimmer outside his coverage boundaries, it's hard not to wonder how local lifeguards are trained.

At Atlantic Beach, lifeguards patrol the designated area between the boardwalk. But Joanna Dodge, a second-year guard at the beach, said they are not confined to that area.

"If its something we can see and it's out of this area, we can go to it," Dodge said.

The beach has three lifeguard stations, with at least on guard at each at all times. Dodge said if they see someone in danger outside of that area, they will respond.

"We love the water we love making it safe for people and we want to make sure that everybody gets as much enjoyment from the beach as we do," she said. "If we can get out there to the rescue, that's what we're trained to do."

The rest of the beach is protected by the Atlantic Beach Fire Department. Lifeguards can be called in at any time for extra assistance.

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