Immersion suit, big player for HMS Bounty survivors

Waterproof dry suit aides in rescue

Immersion suit, big player for HMS Bounty survivors

PAMLICO COUNTY - A few days a month, the Village Health and Fitness pool in Oriental becomes a classroom.  Captain Jim Holley of World Wide Marine Training teaches a class in survival at sea.  He explains location devices, life jackets and the immersion suit which survivors from the HMS Bounty were wearing when they were rescued.

"It will keep you fairly dry, and it will keep you warm for quite a length of time," said Capt. Holley.

The air trapped in the suit acts as a flotation device, and there is tube to blow more in if needed.  Putting the suit on is a race against the clock when you have to abandon ship.

"You've got to be able to get this suit out of the storage location, get it on and be ready to go into the water in a maximum of two minutes," said Capt. Holley.

The built in shoes and gloves protect the wearer from hypothermia in cold water.

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