Hurricane season officially ends November 30th

Looking back at Hurricane Season 2012

Hurricane season officially ends November 30th

STORMTRACK12 WEATHER CENTER - The 2012 hurricane season was a lucky one for Eastern Carolina, but not for the East Coast.  June 1st officially starts hurricane season.  There were two storms before the season started,  Tropical Storm Alberto and Tropical Storm Beryl.

With more than 30 years of forecasting experience, NewsChannel12's Chief Meteorologist Skip Waters said the early start to the season was no surprise.

"Our forecast for the tropical weather season had been that we would see a lot of activity at the beginning of the Caribbean, and then we'll see a break and then we'd see activity at the end of the season," said Waters.

Hurricane Chris was the first hurricane of the season for six hours on June 21st.  Then, the Atlantic became quiet with no tropical cyclones for the entire month of July.

After a silent July, we caught up in the month of August.  There were 8 storms that month:  Hurricane Ernesto, Tropical Storm Florence, Hurricane Gordon, Tropical Storm Helene, Tropical Storm Joyce, Hurricane Kirk and Tropical Storm Leslie which later strengthened to Hurricane Leslie on September 5th.

Hurricane Michael was the first and only major hurricane during the season maxing out at a category 3 storm.

Several storms followed Michael, but none had the impact as Hurricane Sandy.  Sandy graced our coast on its trip to the Jersey Shore, causing millions of dollars in damage.

"It was really strange to look at.  In terms of where it went and what it did that wasn't strange because two weeks out we were saying that it would make landfall somewhere between Philadelphia and New York City," said Waters.

The season didn't end with Sandy, but it will be the storm people will remember in 2012.  We had a total of 19 tropical storms, 10 of those became hurricanes.  Only one of the hurricanes became a major hurricane.

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