Hurricane Arthur hits mobile home park

Hurricane Arthur hits mobile home park

ATLANTIC BEACH, CARTERET COUNTY - Several homes at a mobile home park in Atlantic beach near Fort Macon Road and Hendersonville Drive were hit by the hurricane.

Thursday night's wind gusts were close to 100 miles an hour reaching a category two hurricane. While the winds were strong, Hurricane Arthur's short life is what helped keep most homes intact.

Resident Debbie Hall Grady is one of the few people who decided to stay in her mobile home during the hurricane. She said she'll never ride out a hurricane there again.

"I guess we just didn't think it sounded too serious. So, we decided to stay and that was a mistake," Grady said.

Grady said as the hurricane inched forward she could feel her home literally breathing.

"We could see the blinds swaying. At that point, I worried the windows were literally going to blow out," Grady said.

Fortunately, Hurricane Arthur left as fast as it came leaving minimal damage. The strong winds didn't affect Grady's home, but the home next door wasn't so lucky.

Neighbors tell NewsChannel 12 during the hurricane, winds were so strong that it tore off a big portion of a home's roof and threw it over the front of it," Grady said.

Ed Radley and his family live next door to the damaged home.

"He just bought the place last year. He's been working on it for a year and he just finished it up for the holidays. Now he has to put a new roof on it," Grady said.

He said the storm went over a lot better than he expected. 

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