Hurricane Arthur gone, residents deal with debris

Hurricane Arthur gone, residents deal with debris

CARTERT COUNTY - Hurricane Arthur didn't cause much damage, but it still tore apart a lot of vegetation along our crystal coast. Saturday, at a trash site on Harker's Island Road, dozens of cars lined up waiting to unload trees from their trunks.

Clint Gaskill and his father Elbert said their front yard was a mess after the hurricane.

"It was a disaster. Debris was all over the place, limbs down, stuff like that. This is the first load. We got like two more loads coming," Gaskill said.

Trash site employee Penny Massie said the site was closed Friday because they'd lost power. Saturday, cars were lined up onto the road waiting to throw out debris.

Down the road, resident David McNiell said his historic home dating back to the 1850's came out of the storm intact, but a large old tree in his front yard snapped in half.

"Its kind of sad. That tree is over a 100-years-old. I hate to see it go. It survived a double strike of lightning before," McNiell said.

The East- Otway site is located at 499 Harkers Island Road. Sunday they will be open after 1 p.m.  The West- Hibbs Road Transfer station in Newport is also accepting debris. Additional information on Carteret County's solid waste and recycling programs can be found at

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