Hunter takes down 500-plus-pound wild hog in Bertie County

BERTIE COUNTY - Weighing more than 500 pounds, one wild hog had eluded hunters for years.  But an Edgecombe County man was finally able to take it down during a hunting trip in Bertie County.

The North Carolina Sportsman reports that Jett Webb, of Conetoe, was able to kill the wild hog on Feb. 28 on the land of the White Oak Ranch Hunting Club-- in the Indian Woods section of Bertie County.

The president of the hunting club, Michael Mansell, told the North Carolina Sportsman  the hog was weighed on a scale certified to 500 pounds. But Mansell said the animal must have weighted even more because the scale topped out with the hog's head and shoulder still on the floor.

Mansell told the North Carolina Sportsman that the hog had been evading hunters for six years.

Webb used corn and a night-hunting light, and baited this particular hog for a month before killing the animal at about 10:30 p.m. on Feb. 28, reports the North Carolina Sportsman.


Photo credit: Mike Mansell

For more information, visit the North Carolina Sportsman.

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