Over 850 civilian workers at MCAS Cherry Point received furlough notices between May 28 and June 5, according to base officials. The commanding officer of the base has issued furlough notices to 842 air station employees.

The commanding general of the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing gave furlough notices to 12 2nd MAW employees based at Cherry Point, according to base officials.

The letter given to affected employees from the Department of Defense states that they will be furloughed up to 11 days between July 8 and September 21. It also states that due to potential fluctuations, more furloughs after those dates are possible.

Family members of furloughed employees tell NewsChannel 12 they are having to cut back on many expenses. The wife of one employee affected says her family has gotten rid of cable, discontinued their Netflix subscription, and is even considering canceling their annual summer vacation.

NewsChannel 12 will continue to follow developments with this story.