Human Remains Found In Woods

EDGECOMBE COUNTY - Human remains found in Edgecombe County are bringing back haunting memories.

The remains were found just miles from where the remains of several other women have been found in years past.

In all, ten women are missing, the remains of eight have been found and this could be number nine. Yolanda Lancaster and Joyce Durham are missing. Now their families in Rocky Mount are holding their breath, waiting to find out who the remains belong to.

The Edgecombe County Sheriff's Office says a hunter was in the woods looking for deer antlers when he found the remains off Battleboro-Leggett Road.

Down a muddy road and behind the thick brush, two families hope to find answers.

It's a scene too familiar for these two families.

"It is like opening up an old wound," says Winston Kelp, the stepfather of Joyce Durham.

Both families say they were told Monday by Sheriff James Knight that more remains had been found.

Juray Tucker, the mother of Yolanda Lancaster, says she knows it could be her daughter,"But I am hoping and praying it is not."

Antwan Pittman is charged in the death of one of the women found in the area and suspected in several of the other slayings. Both families believe their children are also his victims.

Sheriff Knight has not yet said if these remains could be linked to the suspected serial killer as well.

It is a nightmare ride for the parents, having been notified three times before about human remains found and it turning out not to be either of their children.

"You know it is 2011, we want to move forward," says Bruce Tucker.

Now another emotional ride is in store for these families.

"This roller coaster is getting tough to ride now," says Tucker.

The Edgecombe Sheriff's Office, State Bureau of Investigation and Medical Examiner's Office are investigating the remains.

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The Edgecombe County Sheriff's Office on Monday reported that a hunter found what appeared to be human remains in the woods off Battleboro Leggett Road.

Deputies responded and confirmed the remains to be human. The hunter told officials that he was in the woods looking for deer antlers when he discovered the remains.

The SBI and Medical Examiner's Office have been notified; the victim has not yet been identified.

Edgecombe County Sheriff James Knight said Tuesday the remains found the day before have not been identified. He says authorities have been looking for two more women who disappeared from the area in the past five years. The remains were found near where more than a half-dozen bodies have been discovered in recent years.

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