Hubert neighborhood experiencing flooding

Reporter: Katy Harris

Hubert neighborhood experiencing flooding

HUBERT, ONSLOW COUNTY - The 200 block of Winchester Lane in Hubert has waterfront property from the past weekend's heavy rainfall.

David McGee says the water started to rise on Friday.

By Saturday it creeped up his yard towards his house by 20 feet.

And by Monday morning the flooding found its way over the driveway and into the neighbors yard.

"That was a tree right there in the middle of the fence so I wouldn't run into it with the lawnmower so I wouldn't forget about it well I think it's had a little bit too much to drink," said McGee.

Lynn and Tim Voelkel live next door to McGee.

The past heavy rainfall caused a river to run through their backyard.

"Oh very sick of it yes! I'm ready for to let up," said Lynn Voelkel.

Just down the street on Queens Haven Road motorists were experiencing water over the road.

Lisa Murray stopped to talk to us on era way home from work.

The flooding around her new home brought an unwanted visitor this morning.

"I didn't know the property was like this. And I got children and dogs and we can't even do anything because this morning I'd seen a snake. Yeah a black snake and I don't-I'm ready to really move now," said Murray.

Back at McGees house, the waters are receding.

The McGees may be stuck with the flooding problems for a while.

"We have a lease for year so we might have to deal with this problem until then but it was a rent to buy my wife says we're not going to do it. No we're not going to buy because of this. If you're not going to fix a problem or not going to buy it," said McGee.

He says his landlord called the state to see how to fix the flooding.

For now Hubert residents are just hoping that something can be done at some kind of a level to alleviate the flooding problem.

Onslow County sent out a press release saying parts of Swansboro are also experiencing flooding in town.

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