HR Officer: Employers should see potential of veterans in workforce

HR Officer: Employers should see potential of veterans in workforce

JACKSONVILLE - What do a military officer and a city project manager have in common?

In this case, they're the same person. Tony Humphrey was hired in December as Jacksonville's project manager after job searching for three months. His job experience: flying helicopters in the army.

"Transitioning from the military, it especially depends on how long you've been in," Humphrey said. "That 18 to 24-year-old, depending how long he or she has been in, how much experience do they actually have?"

The unemployment rate for veterans between 18 and 24 years old was around 20 percent last year, twice as high as the national average.
Jacksonville Chief Human Resource Officer Kimberly Lindsay said she hired Humphrey because of his skill set, something all veterans can apply to the workforce.    

"They have skills in leadership, project management, tactical planning and execution, team work - all these competencies that we in human resources are looking for in individuals," Lindsay said.

With Onslow County's thriving economy, Lindsay said there are job
opportunities out there where service members can apply. But it's also up to employers to give veterans that chance.

Mike Alford, with Marine Chevrolet, has several veterans on staff. He said that with strong work ethic, veterans can be successful outside of the military, with support from their employers.

"Bring us the right attitude, the right energy level, and the rest we can handle," Alford said.
After being raised in Jacksonville, Humphrey is happy to give back to his home.

"I don't want to let them down as a veteran," Humphrey said. "Like she said, I do provide leadership, I do provide experience, so I do provide that thing this city really needs."

Here are some links to veteran employment services that may be helpful:

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