Houses along the Neuse River losing land

CRAVEN COUNTY - Erosion is blamed for countless yards disappearing into our ocean and sounds each year in Eastern Carolina.  But employee Andrew Law of Bobby Cahoon Construction says since Hurricane Irene, the company has mainly been installing seawalls along the Neuse River. Law says out of the 70-plus seawalls they have installed in Carteret, Craven, and Pamlico Counties in the past two years, 90% of them have been along the Neuse River.

Homeowners Bob and Sarah Ann Ramsey are installing a seawall through Bobby Cahoon Construction. They say they aren't the first on their block to make the change. In 25 years of living along the western banks of the Neuse, the water has eliminated 12 feet of their backyard.

"There was one hurricane that came in and took back 6 feet at least and all in and around here," said Bob Ramsey.

Hurricanes do the most damage to the property says Ramsey, but any time the wind comes out of the northeast, problems can occur. Ramsey says they aren't the only ones with erosion problems.

"Well, our neighbors have a little bit more of a problem because their bank is higher than this one is," said Ramsey.

The Ramseys are awaiting official approval for the installation of the seawall, but hope it will be finished by the start of the year. The sea wall won't completely eliminate erosion, but it will stop yard loss. If new erosion occurs, sand can easily be refilled behind the seawall after a storm to restore the property.

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