Homeowners fight for extra beach renourishment

Beach renourishment plan sparks concern

Emerald Isle - A man who has owned property for 27 years in Emerald Isle is petitioning a partial beach renourishment in that area.

Hurricane Irene washed sand away from beaches in Emerald Isle. The city made plans to fix areas where the beach shrunk. That project is scheduled to start in January. However, some property owners think the plan isn't expansive enough.

"We may be fine for a year or two, but after that we're going to have problems from lack of beach," Harold Haraway said. Haraway owns a home on the beach that he rents out to tourists and wants a half mile stretch added to the initial plan. That stretch would pass in front of Haraway's property.

He said the beach is important to keep visitors coming to Emerald Isle.

Employees for the town have been in contact with Haraway. They understand some people see a need for new sand on their beaches, but they don't have the funds to do all 12 miles of the beach at once.

"Going forward, we plan to renourish the beach where needed, when needed, as needed," Town Manager Frank Rush said. "In a perfect world we would like to renourish all 12 miles."

Rush said the town has engineers come in and examine the beach, including sand under the water. After the town surveyed the area, they decided to nourish 4.2 miles of beach in two sections. One section is 2.4 miles, the other 1.8.

The project costs $9.8 million. Adding an additional 500 yards would cost $500,000.

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