Homeowner: "Storm hit us right dead on"

1227 Tornado Aftermath

Beaufort - Evidence of Wednesday's tornado could be seen across much of Carteret County, especially in Beaufort and Morehead City. Thousands of people lost power late Wednesday afternoon. On Thursday neighbors united to clean up ravaged yards.

"It was a dark cloud all the way down through here," said Wesley Brazelton. "I come to the corner of my house here and by that time I lost one window at top and blew my second window out. The wind it was just unreal, were fortunate real fortunate."

Brazelton says he was working in his garage when a tornado passed his way. Down the street from his home on Country Club Road in Morehead City, wind blew off roofs and dragged debris all over the road. A barn built in 1912 was completely flattened, while a shed across the street lost its roof.

On Tuttle Street near Highway 101 in Beaufort, the tornado seemed to damage homes in a pinball-like pattern.

"We knew it was coming up," said Roy Hallendeck." We thought it would've flew around us, but it hit us right dead on."

Lee Walter and his two sons say they watched a trampoline get tossed into the air by the wind, eventually landing blocks away on Brenda Street.

"Out the corner of my eye I see a trampoline moving from 50 feet in the air to 150 feet in the air like its being launched out of a cannon," said Walter.

Randy Turner said he was shocked to find his pontoon boat crashed into a tree. He said he had just parked it at his mother's house two weeks ago.

"It had pushed it probably 25 to 30 feet from where it was sitting," said Turner." If it hadn't been for the tree the boat could've been inside the house."

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