Homeowner discovers a family squatting in his beach home

Homeowner discovers a family squatting in his beach home

MINNESOTT BEACH, PAMLICO COUNTY - A family of four decided to make a life for themselves in a waterfront community, but deputies said the family did not inform the homeowner they were doing so.

According to Pamlico County Deputies, Mike and Kristi Poteet along with their sons Paul, 25, and Jacob, 30, are accused of squatting at a home on Beach Drive.

Investigators said the owner of the home, Bryan Moore, lives in Washington, D.C. and had no idea what was going on at his beach home.  

Neighbors told NewsChannel 12 the family got caught when one concerned neighbor called the homeowner complaining about the supposed renters next door.

Neighbor Bob McDonald said they seemed like a normal family.

"When they moved in, I of course welcomed them as neighbors and asked them if they were renting, and they said, 'yes,'" he said.

He said they had been living there for a couple months and told him they planned to buy the home.

"They started fixing the place up and putting in their Direct TV and that sort of thing, it was well maintained," McDonald said.

Deputies said several guns were found inside the home, along with stolen animals that were taken away by animal control.

Investigators said the three men were taken to the Pamlico County Jail and the woman to Craven County Jail.

Deputies said one of the bothers, Jacob Poteet, is wanted in Kansas and will be extradited to the state. The family is charged with trespassing, burglary and fraud.

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