Homeless shelter opens doors during the wintry mix

Homeless shelter opens doors during the wintery mix

NEW BERN, CRAVEN COUNTY - The Religious Community Services Homeless Shelter says if you know someone who doesn't have a warm place to stay, to send them to the shelter.

Head supervisor Lynn Anderson says she understands the importance of having a warm place to stay.

Anderson says the facility holds 20 people at maximum, and there are currently three spots still available.

"Some of these people are sleeping in the street," Anderson said. "In tents, porches, wherever they can go."

The shelter says they are able to open their doors through the help of donations and grants.

One person we spoke with who is at the shelter says he's thankful to have a safe and warm place to be tonight.

"I'm thankful I knew I could come in here and put on my pajamas and sleep in a warm bed," the resident said. "I definitely can sympathize with people in the cold. I've been out in the cold many times."

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