Homeless man bears the cold, many seek shelter from icy temperatures

Homeless man bears the cold, many seek shelter from icy temperatures

NEW BERN, CRAVEN COUNTY - The snow is out of Eastern North Carolina, but dangerously cold air stayed behind. These frigid temperatures can create a struggle for people who don't have a home.

NewsChannel 12 spoke with a man who knows what it's like to be homeless all too well. Aaron, who did not tell us his last name, spends his days standing on street corners begging for change.

"It's embarrassing to stand out here. I just want to hug anybody that gives me anything," he said.

Aaron said he was laid off from his job a couple months ago. Now his home during the cold winter nights is his truck, with no heat.

"I'm not out here trying to get alcohol for money of for drugs. I just want to support my family," he explained.

Aaron said he's been living in his truck for 12 days with his girlfriend. He said when the snow came down Wednesday night he ended up in the hospital after his body got too cold to handle the temperatures.

The Religious Community Services shelter in New Bern is the only homeless shelter serving Craven, Jones and Carteret counties. Staff members said their door is always open.

"It's no safe for them to be outside. We want them here and we will serve them a hot meal, and we will get them a hot show and get them warmed up," RCS Director of Shelter Services Juliet Rogers said.

She explained the building has a usual capacity of 20, but when temperatures begin to dip below freezing they won't turn anyone away.

Along with 20 beds, RCS also has 50cots they can setup for people who need shelter.

Anyone interested in a bed at RCS, should first contact the New Bern Police Department. People with an outstanding arrest warrant and sex offenders are not allowed to stay at the shelter.

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