The Havelock Chapter of Disabled American Veterans and a group of Marine wives helped a disabled veteran find a place to call home for the holidays.

Less than a month ago, Richard McFall said his daughter made him move out of her home

"I had no money to go anywhere with it. So, basically I was homeless," McFall said.

 The 72-year-old disabled veteran has no other family members nearby and his wife died years ago from cancer.

McFall tried community shelters, but they had no room. The Havelock Chapter of Disabled American Veterans tried to get a hotel room, but they could only put him up for a week. He even spent one night in the hospital because of his health. Time was running out and McFall needed a permanent place to stay.

A week later, the Havelock Chapter of Disabled American Veterans found him a permanent home, but it was completely unfurnished.

April Joaskulski, a stranger to McFall, found out about his situation and immediately told a group of Marine wives who wanted to help.

 Marine wife Laura Oldfather said they created a Facebook group to help McFall.

 “The first day he had people giving him a couch, pots, pans, and everything he could think need," Oldfather said.

Within days McFall’s home was completely furnished.

Oldfather said McFall has become like family to all of them

“This is not something we are doing temporarily and forgetting over the holidays. He’s definitely made a big impact on everybody's life," Oldfather said.

McFall said he cannot explain in words how thankful and blessed he is to have a home and find a new family.

"I don't know the words to thank them enough. You know, to thank all of them the way they have helped me,” McFall said.

With help from The Havelock Chapter of Disabled American Veterans McFall said he will be able to stay there permanently. The group of Marine wives said they are trying to start a fund to keep helping McFall with his necessities.