Holocaust survivor speaks at middle school


83-year-old Mike Lindner, shared his survival story to 8th graders at Pactolus Middle School.

Lindner was born in Poland. When he was just 10-years-old, World War II started.

He talked about his experiences, including a time where he was inside a barn and Germans lit it on fire. He said he escaped and jumped into a creek, but was later arrested and taken to the concentration camp, called Leonhar Zone, located in Zwickau, Germany. Lindner was 13-years-old at the time of his arrest.

Lindner was in the same concentration camp as his mother, father and two sisters. His brother was taken to a different concentration camp.

At one point, when his father, who was working as an interpreter for the Germans, refused to take the German citizenship, Lindner said the Germans took his mother away to another concentration camp. He said he didn't know her whereabouts for six months. It wasn't until the war was over, and American soldiers found his mother, that they were reunited.

NewsChannel 12 talked to Lindner about why he goes around the country and speaks at schools.

"I care for the young people to learn more about history and what can happen in the world. And since they are future leaders I want them to work towards that and don't let it happen again," Lindner said.

So far, Lindner said he has talked with over 7,000 groups about his Holocaust experience.

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