Holiday mail deadlines near for packages to troops

CAMP LEJUEUNE - The deadline to send troops care packages in time for the holidays is fast approaching. Camp Lejeune post office officials said those planning on mailing care packages to troops overseas should do so by Dec. 3. 

That's the deadline for the cost-effective Standard Mail option.

"When you get that care package, it's golden," said Gunnery Sergeant Torrence Glover.  Glover has worked at the Camp Lejeune Post Office, located  1770 Mchugh Blvd, for over a decade.  "Bringing that morale to that Marine, that Sailor, making them feel good when they come to the Post Office ... it makes us feel good."

Glover said the deadline using the Priority Mail option is Dec. 10.  Gloves, who said arrival by Christmas is not guaranteed for either option, urges family and friends to send packages to troops as soon as possible.

"Since I spent a year in Afghanistan," said Cpl. Katherine Solano, "I was gone for all of the holidays."  While deployed, Solano said she and her unit received packages from family and friends, organizations like the USO,and also perfect strangers.  "Not to sound cliche but i was like a kid at Christmas."

Solano said the most valuable things she received while serving overseas was handwritten letters. "The fact that someone would take the time to hand write a letter," she said, "meant more to me than anything else."

Post Office officials said alcohol, flammable, and hazardous materials cannot be shipped overseas.

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