Holiday beachgoers concerned about potential severe weather

Holiday beachgoers concerned about possible severe weather

ATLANTIC BEACH, CARTERET COUNTY - The Fourth of July weekend usually brings a big tourism boost to Eastern Carolina, but many tourists and beachgoers are concerned the weather may put a damper on their holiday plans.

Tom Young and his wife are visiting the Crystal Coast from Ohio.

"It's been a long, cold winter back home, so anytime we get a little warm weather we're all in," said Young.

They were at Atlantic Beach Monday soaking up the sun and enjoying beautiful weather along with thousands of other people. While weather conditions are ideal for now, Young is aware that potential severe weather could affect his holiday beach plans later this week.

"I've never been through a tropical storm, so it could be interesting," said Young.

Meteorologists are currently tracking the tropics for a storm brewing in the Atlantic Ocean. It could be headed to the North Carolina coast.

"After 1999 Hurricane Floyd, that opened our eyes quite a bit," said Greenville resident John Clements.

Right now meteorologists aren't sure what type of storm will form, but Clements says he paying close attention to the weather and always takes severe weather warnings seriously.

"We'll just have to see what the weather man says and if it gets bad well just stay away and if it's ok, we'll come back," said Clements.

For more on the tropical system, CLICK HERE for the latest from our StormTrack 12 meteorologists.

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