Highway 70 concerns in Down East Carteret County

Highway 70 concerns in Down East Carteret County

The North Carolina Department of Transportation is fixing up Highway 70 from Beaufort to Cedar Ferry-- and drivers aren't happy with the department's efforts.

The DOT says the highway needed to be touched up. The roadway had pot holes and cracks in it, said officials. The DOT didn't have enough resources to spend on resurfacing the road, so they opted for another technique.

Crews are using a pavement preservation method called "Seal Treatment". This is when a liquid asphalt is poured on the ground, a covered with a light-weight aggregate, said officials. In this specific case, Highway 70 East is being covered with gravel. The project is going to cost more than one-million dollars. DOT officials say if they would've resurfaced the roads, the cost would have been at least three times as much.

Drivers who contacted us say these roads are a safety hazard and that when driving on them, the gravel hits the side of their cars and cracks their windshields.

The DOT says people have filed claims regarding damage to their cars from driving on these newly treated roads.

The road treatment began on Monday and will take about two weeks to complete.

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