High school students receive free computers

POSTED: 6:04 PM Jan 24 2014

Some drafting program students at Washington High School received free computers Friday morning.

It’s all part of The North Carolina Modernist Houses’ “Project BauHow.” The group donated 14 computers with a drafting program to the students in drafting one.

“60% of students in drafting class can only practice during class time,” George Smart, the founder of the North Carolina Modernist Houses said.

The practice Smart is talking about is on computer aided drafting, or CAD programs.

Most students don't have access to these programs at home and some don't have computers powerful enough to handle them.

“The computer is really cool you get to learn more stuff. You get to do actual hands on but you are doing it on a computer so if you mess up you can keep on trying over,” student Zachery Ambrose said.

“I want to make houses for other people like let them see my ideas and the way I created it and stuff,” student Chris Norflet said.

Jerry Tester, an architect himself from Smart Homes + Businesses of Greenville, wants to plant that seed of inspiration early. His company donated $5,000 to help purchase the computers.

”They can develop that interest and who knows there could be a world renowned architect coming out of Washington High School,” Tester said.

“It can kind of give me a chance to showcase what i really want to do and like see my ideas and stuff so maybe it can go beyond this class,” Norflet said.

“High schoolers need to start early developing a portfolio if they plan to go on in their design career,” Smart said.

Officials said the students who received computers don’t have to return them at the end of the year.

In the spring the students who received a computer will compete for a scholarship to a design camp at North Carolina State University this summer.

There are only two other schools in the state that had this opportunity: Rolesville High in Rolesville, N.C. and McMichael High in Mayodan, N.C.