High school science class gets weather station

Jones Senior High School students learn about meteorology

High school science class gets weather station

TRENTON, JONES COUNTY - BJ Lewis, a science teacher at Jones Senior High School, teaches a class about weather using a newly installed weather station.  His philosophy is if you can't see it there's no point in talking about it.

"They can see it.  They can watch it spin.  They can see the data instantly change.  The can monitor change in wind direction in the classroom," said Lewis.

The weather station has a weather vane for wind direction, an anemometer for wind speed and a bucket to collect rainfall amounts.

"It really helps us learn about the weather.  We get more familiar with the different wind speeds, wind direction and air temperature," said Naomie Cooper, an 11th grade student.

The weather station is posted on a tall wooden pole behind the softball fields at Jones Senior High School.  It is located away from any obstacles that could skew weather readings.

Students can look at the data on an online computer program.  Current conditions can be collected, and students can glance at past weather conditions.

"Weather changes.  Every day might be different.  It might be cold in the morning when you wake up.  By the evening, it's hot," said Markiese Majette, a junior at JSHS.

The program is not just for Jones Senior High School students.  The website can be accessed from any computer. So students can learn together whatever the weather.

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